Conveniently located on Route 138 (1/4 mile from I-495) in Raynham, the divorce and family law attorneys at Landry & Landry, P.C. provide expert legal advice relating to to divorce, child custody and support matters.  Our divorce lawyers will assist you in understanding your rights and options according to Massachusetts law. Additionally, our experienced team of divorce attorneys will provide you the peace of mind necessary to explore potential solutions, and create a viable strategy for your future.


Specifically, the divorce and family law attorneys at Landry & Landry, P.C. ease the stress of your divorce, custody or support case in two ways. First we strive for an aggressive yet fair result.  A fair result means your assets are properly divided, support correctly based upon all relevant facts and that your relationship with your children is preserved. Ideally these results may be negotiated, however, if the other side is unreasonable, we are tough, experienced advocates who won’t back down. Second, we keep your legal costs low by doing things right the first time, moving your case forward toward completion considering always if the result will justify the dollars spent.


We offer the best advice necessary during the development of your case. We know when you must proceed immediately, and when it is best to wait to procure the best result.  The divorce and family law attorneys at Landry & Landry, P.C. offer experienced representation in all aspects of family law including:


Adoption petitions

Divorce proceedings (including issues relating to alimony, child custody & support, division of assets and liabilities)

  • Paternity matters

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • All Forms of Contempts & Modifications


For more information on our commitment to professional excellence, aggressive litigation and serious results, or to speak with us right now, click the “Contact Us” tab above or call 508-802-5880.


Landry & Landry, P.C. looks forward to providing each client with the individual attention and excellence in representation that all clients have a right to expect.  

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